Ceramics in Paris, Cité de la Céramique

Paris, center of fine arts in Europe, perhaps of the world (that is, in any case, the view of the “Parisien“). But it is also the city of ceramics, or as the French say “Cité de la céramique”. We visited the ceramics in Paris.

Also for the “céramique” Paris is “Tze place Tzo be“.

CeramiqueBetween Paris and Versailles, on the Seine lies Sèvres; the porcelain capital of France. Here, since 1740, the French porcelain is produced for the state’s rulers. From Louis XV (“Le Bien-Aimé”) to Napoleon (the god of clay). But also for  (court-) nobility and the rich bourgeoisie.

Nowadays, the museum “Sèvres-Cité de la Céramique is located in there. Just across the bridge “Pont de Sèvres” on the banks of the Seine at the gateway of Paris. In this museum you will find porcelain. But you can also see also a wide collection of historical and contemporary ceramics.

For a ceramist in Paris it is not a choice, I had to go here. But for the ceramics enthusiast it is also highly recommended.

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