Commercial glazes, pushing product

This week a blog about a new book by Deanna Ranlett “Off the Shelf, outside the Box”.

Off the Shelf/outside the Box: A Guide to experimenting with Commercial clays, glazes, & UnderglazesI fasten my bike on the Bloemgracht, Amsterdam. On the corner I can score at my dealer, in an old building with a nice glass facade. I step in, my heart rate accelerates, my blood pressure rises. I can’t pull my eyes from all the mysterious powders in many colors on the shelves. Here dreams are fulfilled.

It was in the early years 90 of the last century. And no, it wasn’t a “headshop” where I went in. It was the old shop of Ve-Ka in Amsterdam. Of these powders you do not hallucinate, but you will be happy…… when it is fired in a ceramic kiln.

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Feeling blue, blue glaze magic

2019 has just started and “I am feeling Blue“. No I don’t have the blues, I really feel blue……… that is to say glaze blue.

The first firing of this year I tried some new glazes. Glazes I developed and tried on test tiles. But you will only get to know a glaze for real when you use it. And fortunately, also “in the real“, this glaze suits me very well.

Glaze Blue-OvenEach glaze has its own origin. This blue glaze started as a muddy kind of brown…

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