The devil is in the ceramic details

Handmade ceramics are all about details. The ceramic connoisseur carefully examines each piece of pottery that appeals. Looking, feeling, if possible pick up and turn around. How is the foot turned, does lip match finish, finish match shape, etc. etc.

handmade coffee afters outsidecoffee cup in hand, notice the ceramic detailsIt’s now week six in our corona lock-down. The news is about numbers of victims, IC beds, respiratory care and protective equipment. I work at home and embrace the guidelines. Ceramic fairs have been cancelled, so I opened my webshop. Everyone has to help contain this virus, so I am also doing my (tiny) bit.

Ceramic details are far away, it seems like something from before this pandemic. But as the saying goes; “the devil is in the details“. And this devil helps us appreciate the details. And that’s needed more than ever. Continue reading The devil is in the ceramic details

A ceramic bird in the hand

A ceramic bird is a symbol of freedom captured in stoneware.

A contradictio in terminis? I don’t think so, but I’m a ceramist with a soft spot for ceramics and birds.

In my opinion, clay, birds, ceramics and freedom are inextricably linked. And I’m not alone. Ceramic birds are a popular subject of artists and ceramists of all time.

Better A Bird In The HandI’d like to take you this new spring into my world of thoughts and birds .

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