Fascinating Ceramics in Drenthe, A Potter’s Search

Why did we look for ceramics in Drenthe? This province in the north of the Netherlands has traditionally been loved by artists. From the 18th century they came to this inspiring landscape to develop their talents. Vincent van Gogh is perhaps the best known of them.

“Drenthe is so beautiful, it absorbs and fulfils me so utterly […] oak trees of a superb bronze. Tones of golden green in the moss, of reddish or bluish or yellowish dark lilac greys in the soil, tones of inexpressible purity in the green […]”

(Vincent van Gogh, November 1883)

Looking for Ceramics in Drenthe - beautiful scenery

But what can potters and ceramics enthusiasts find in this primeval province? More than you think! Not only primordial pots, but also historic industrial plateel and contemporary artisanal ceramics.

Due to circumstances, our weekend in Drenthe in May was canceled this year. But this summer we made up for it. We went in search of the best ceramic sights.

In this blog an overview of all the fascinating places a ceramics lover should visit in Drenthe.

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Funnel BEAKER ceramics, pottery of giants

Drenthe in the north of the Netherlands, is a huge treasure trove of prehistoric funnel beaker ceramics (pottery). The creators where colossal. They also built resting places for giants, now better known as hunebedden.

Hunebed D15 on the Looner es between Loon and Taarlo

In the New Stone Age –neolithic– , these hunebed builders not only erected mysterious megalithic monuments. They also made characteristic and richly decorated pottery. Nowadays known as funnel beaker or “tiefstich” (the German name) pottery.

This summer we wanted to get to know these Stone Age potters. And where better than in our primal province of Drenthe.

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