De kleine is er!

We live together for a year and the little one is coming!

Big news: the little one is coming! For more than a year I have been living with my new flame . But something was missing in our relationship… Besides my great love, I was looking for something smaller; because size certainly matters.

After in-depth conversations, we figured it out: our relationship would only survive if there was also a little one…

But how do you get a small one? We sought assistance from Keramikos. And they were able to help us immediately. There was a lot of choice, but in the end we agreed. The choice was made, the papers arranged. And Keramikos went to work for us.

And finally the time has come: we have a small Rohde 35 liter ceramic kiln, isn’t it a cutie? Together with my big flame: a 150 liter Rohde frontloading kiln, we now form a beautiful family….

The little one: what I’m looking for in a ceramic kiln

More than a year ago, after the best possible orientation, I bought a new ceramic kiln, After firing for a year, I can say that I am very satisfied with the choice of supplier and ceramic kiln.

The 150 liter frontloading kiln (KE-150 S+) is robust, well insulated and has a very balanced firing. Everything I look for in a kiln. At least when it comes to production work. But if I want to fire a glaze test quickly, I have to wait a while before the entire kiln is fully loaded.

Even if I want to calcine a few kilos of a certain raw material (at approx. 850 oC), I have to fire the entire kiln, while it is only filled for a quarter (or less) …..

Size does matter

The solution: indeed, in addition to the large one, also a smaller test kiln. I am very satisfied with my Rohde kiln, so I quickly made a choice for this brand again. Keramikos is the official importer of these kilns in the Netherlands and also my purveyor of everything that has to do with ceramic supplies. In short, I could go to Keramikos again.

I had a choice of various models, but a square top loader seemed the best for firing test tiles. In addition, I wanted a kiln with a top temperature of at least 1320 oC (just in case). But I mainly want to use the kiln at my regular temperature of approx. 1280 0C (cone 10).

The Rohde TE 35 Q is small, a quadrangular model top loader (38 by 38, by 23 cm), has a top temperature of 1320 and an operating temperature (TAN value) of 1290 oC. In short, everything I was looking for.

After the order, the little one was delivered right at our doorstep. We just need to give him a name.

Uh… Max?

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