There are of course thousands of pages about finding (contemporary) ceramics on the Internet. Google “ceramics” and you will be flooded with websites.

But who am I not to use the old Internet tradition of a “link page” on its website; below my links, which I find useful / helpful … (the tip of the iceberg).

Dutch sites
With you quickly find the way in the ceramics world of the Netherlands! (Particularly the discussion forum on the site is a must). Unfortunately this site only in Dutch.
The “Startpagina” (beginning page) on pottery and  ceramics. Here you will find a nice overview of information on ceramics which can be found on the internet (most in Dutch)..
Pottery Geert Teunissen has an interesting website with an (online) book glaze and glaze program
Ceramist, the articles about his (raku) glaze tests are worth reading
Blog Keramiek Bende (DFB-ceramics)
My blog on clay, handmade ceramics and glazes

Arts and Culture Blog & Online Gallery. The website where love for art and culture begins. A world of Art and Culture a click away ..
Garden Gallery Grunewald in Kessel, Germany. Directly behind the Dutch border, at the edge of the Reichswald, lies this rural landscaped garden and cozy gallery.
Galerie Arneri in Harderwijk (Netherlands)

Suppliers of gas kilns and parts
Kiln specialist, gas, electricity and materials for DIY kilns. Also kiln controls and other machinery receivers for ceramics and glass

Suppliers (glaze) materials and electric kilns

English sites (in particular glaze software) (insight glaze software, with lots of articles on technical ceramics) (Matrix glaze software) (glazemaster glaze software) (hyperglaze glaze software)  (articles about contemporary ceramics)

German sites


[English] Handgevormd en gedraaid figuratief steengoed keramiek