Ceramics Fair Maaseik 2022, ready when you are…

Sunday 26 June is the international ceramics fair Maaseik 2022. More than 100 ceramists in the center of Maaseik. A historic city in Belgian Limburg on the river Maas.

I am ready to show my latest work to ceramics lovers. They always visit this fair in large numbers. I will surprise them with new work, unique glazes and refreshing hand-thrown ceramics.

Ceramics Fair Maaseik

I have already set my tomtom to Maaseik. Also enjoy contemporary ceramics. Come by and say hello to me at stall 49!

Ceramics Fair Maaseik 2022
Sunday 26 June
9:00 to 17:00 hours
Market (centre) Maaseik
Entrance 2 euro (from 12 years)

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Love and ceramics: Beatrice Wood shocks herself

Beatrice Wood (1893 – 1998) taught me more about love. Not the love for ceramics (I already have that), but the loves in life…

“I never made love to the men I married, and I did not marry the men I loved. I do not know if that makes me a good girl gone bad, or a bad girl gone good” (Beatrice Wood, 1985)

Something that never ceases to amaze me is how my interest in handmade ceramics takes me to every nook and cranny of life.

Glaze theory leads to the hidden world of quantum mechanics and the beginning (and the end) of the universe. Clay to the origin of mankind, the mastery of fire and the origin of civilizations, culture and art in every corner of this planet.

And ceramic artist Beatrice Wood to love…

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Where do we meet? At the ceramics fair Dwingeloo 2022!

We had to wait a while for the international ceramics fair Dwingeloo 2022. But on Thursday, May 26 from 10:00 am, all ceramics lovers can indulge themselves again. Finally!

At de Brink, the heart of Dwingeloo, under the age-old trees, about 90 ceramists show their work, some of whom give a demonstration of their methods and techniques. In almost 30 years, this ceramics fair in the north of the Netherlands has grown into a unique ceramics event.

And yes: this year I will also participate in this festival. So come and say hello!

Drenthe, ceramics province

And if you do come to Dwingeloo, stick around for a few more days to get to know this province better. Because that is definitely worth it. Not only the ceramics fair Dwingeloo is a must for the ceramics lover.

You can find primeval pottery, but also historic industrial pottery and contemporary artisanal ceramics. In a previously published blog I described a number of sights.

So make from your visit a cultural weekend in the primeval province of Drenthe. I can wholeheartedly recommend such a cultural trip. And that makes your visit to the Dwingeloo ceramics fair this year complete.

New round, new ceramics opportunities

Unfortunately, the ceramics fair had to make way for the corona pandemic over the past two years. But luckily we are going to make up for it this year. I’m excited!

It takes some getting used to for me, such a “live event”. What should I bring with me again? Yes my own made ceramics. But also practical things such as a banner, cloths for the stall, pegs for the rear sail, a pin device and much more…

I hope you stop by to see my ceramics glistening in the sun. But don’t worry if you can’t, my online shop is always open 🙂

International Ceramics Fair Dwingeloo 2022

Thursday 26 May (Ascension Day)
de Brink
Entrance: 4 euro p.p. (children up to 12 years free)

29th International Ceramics Fair Dwingeloo

From 10.00 am
Various continuous demonstrations and workshops & performances by musicians

15.00 hrs
Presentation of the jury prizes ‘Keramiekprijs Noord Nederland’* and the ‘Draaiprijs Noord Nederland’

16.00 hrs
Announcement of the four public prize winners

1700 hours
Closure of the fair.


At the Brink there is a terrace where you can drink coffee, tea or soft drinks. Other food items such as sandwiches and hot snacks are also available.

Children’s activities

The many colors and shapes will also appeal to younger visitors. In addition, there are special activities for the children that they can participate in for free.

This year, for example, the special children’s fun stall is of course present again. Here you can play to your heart’s content. These activities are completely free for children.


You can park your car for free in our large car park at the Brug Es – follow the P-signs. From there it is a 5-minute walk to de Brink. There is also a long car park behind the Moleneinde

A parking ban is in force on de Brink


De Brink in the center of Dwingeloo is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle and car. See also the route planner.

Buying an electric ceramic kiln? This is what you need to know!

There are a lot of practical details involved in purchasing an electric ceramic kiln to fire your ceramics. The location where the kiln will be placed, the electrical outlet needed and the kiln controller. But also venting, stacking material and other tools. Not to mention the budget. In short, all details that are important to make the right choice if you want to invest in a new ceramic kiln.

I bought my first kiln 30 years ago and very recently my ceramics supplier Keramikos installed my new one. A lot of things have changed in the ceramics world in those years, but ceramic kilns are stills essential. What has also remained: you should inform yourself well before making this investment.

In the previous blog I discussed the importance of a good ceramic kiln supplier. In the blog before that I looked at the reasons for having your own kiln and what specific requirements you have. Discovering the most suitable kiln for your ceramic work: your personal “dream kiln”.

But we leave the daydreams behind us. Making ceramics is earthy, so you have to stand with both feet on the (clay) ground when choosing a kiln.

Si in this third blog practical tips to make a choice based on possibilities and preferences.

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Ceramics Exhibition Warmenhuizen 2022, SKNH at Home Base

In the weekend of 12 and 13 March 2022, the beautiful ceramics exhibition Warmenhuizen of the “Stichting Keramisten Noord-Holland” (Ceramists of North Holland, “SKNH” for intimates) will be held. This year again at home base: the Oude Ursula Church in Warmenhuizen, about 15 kilometers above Alkmaar.

Oude Ursula Church,
Dorpsstraat 93
Warmenhuizen (municipality of Schagen)
Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 March 2022
11.00 – 17.00 hrs.
Free entrance.
Info: www.keramisten-noordholland.nl

Together with twenty-five fellow ceramists, we bring contemporary handmade ceramics at a historic location. The 2022 ceramics season has started!

Are you ready to visit so many different ceramics in the northern part of Holland?

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Handmade ceramics: Why are you doing this to yourself?

Why do you start with handmade ceramics? What is handmade ceramics? When is something handmade? Is it art, is it design, is it craft?

Questions I had when I started making ceramics myself. But these are also the questions of the ceramics collector. And whoever has questions must look for answers!

It has been about 30 years since I took my first ceramics out of the kiln (burning my hands, because I couldn’t wait for it to cool down completely). Do I have all the answers by now?

Okay spoiler alert, I don’t … but I can give you my thoughts about it.

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Ceramic kilns: Get to know your kiln supplier before buying

You can go to a ceramic kiln supplier to order a kiln. But more importantly: you can also get your information and service there.

Of course you can find and buy everything online. But my advise to you: visit in person and get to know your supplier first hand before you order anything.

Recently Keramikos delivered my new kiln. They have a beautiful showroom, with new and familiar models of ceramic kilns. I always have a look around when I collect my raw materials. Especially now they have just moved to an even more spacious location at Conradweg 19 in Haarlem 🙂

In this blog my follow-up tips in case you are are looking for the right ceramic kiln for you. And where better to start than at your ceramic kiln supplier.

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Buying a ceramic kiln: Don’t forget about the orientation phase

You want to go your own (clay) way. Got to draw your own (firing) plan. Need to stand on your own (ceramic) feet. So one day you’ll know: you’re going to buy your own ceramic kiln!

This year I invested in a new ceramic kiln, supplied by my ceramics supplier Keramikos. It was not my first kiln and yet it is always quite a task to sort everything out properly. Fortunately, I had help in my research.

And I’am happy to share that. In the upcoming blogs I am going to list my tips. Starting with the orientation phase. Because a solid investment starts with solid preliminary work…

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My new Flame has arived: we now live together!

We had long left the seven-year itch behind us, but after almost 20 years a new desire awoke in me. My old flame disappointed me again and again. Was I tired of her? Is it time for our paths to part?

And then I met her. More and more furtive glances in her direction. A “coincidental” meeting at Keramikos. An extra round to admire her. I enjoyed her shapes, her warmth, her fiery temperament. Was this love mutual?

I took the plunge about six months ago. We had to move on together. I gathered all my courage (and money)…. And I ordered my new ceramic kiln.

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More control over Glaze Firings? Use PTCR Measuring Rings!

PTCR measuring rings quantify both time and temperature of the glaze firing: heat work. Why do I think that’s so important to know (and to measure)? There are several reasons for this…

But let me start with what exactly PTCR measuring rings are. PTCR stands for “Process Temperature Control Rings”, so rings to get control over your firing temperature.

And what do you get out of it as a potter? I would like to explain that in this blog.

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Does your creativity need a boost? Go messing around with Clay Slip!

Le jeu de la barbotine is the same as enjoying messing around with clay slip. And another example that French is a much more elegant language than English, but that is a matter for another blog. In this blog I’m going to talk about creativity and having fun by messing around with clay slip.

Anyone who works with clay knows that it takes no effort at all to make a mess with it. And if that makes you as happy as me, then keep going…

But this time I wanted to talk about stimulating your creativity. Well, that can be done in all kinds of ways, but if you have clay, or more accurately clay slip, try the technique of Daniel de Montmollin. Yep, a famous namesake of mine from France.

All you need is a colored board in, for example, red or black and white clay slip.

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Take a deep breath of Vitamin C From Ceramics, Creativity and Culture

Everyone needs vitamin C from Ceramics, Creativity and Culture. Especially a ceramist like me. And what you get from afar is always better. That’s why, when we were in South Limburg (see previous blog), we also visited the Tiendschuur in Tegelen. We were just on time to see the exhibition “More Organics“.

But of course you don’t have to go far to soak up culture. Everywhere there are museums and galleries where you can score a vitamin shot.

Also in Purmerend where I fire my ceramics. We got back just in time to enjoy the “Ceramics from the Dutch National Art Collection” exhibition.

I’d love to tell you more about it, but let’s start this blog at the beginning…

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[English] Handgevormd en gedraaid figuratief steengoed keramiek