Glaze Chemistry is the Cure when Reality Stops

I love glaze chemistry. The chemistry of ceramics. The chemistry of life. The chemistry of art. The chemistry between people. I love glazes. I love ceramists. I love the discussion.

Is it UMF or Segerformula? Is mole percentage, WPF or phase diagram the key to unraveling the glaze mechanisms? Looking for glaze limits or for target recipes? Does this glaze crystallize because of too little Al2O3 or too much SiO2?

The discussion is going on, tempers are running high, some are dropping out. There is a search in books and experience is looked at. Someone finds a clue, the other rejects it.

Eventually, someone will fire the glaze. The result is shared. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. We’ll apply it. We’re adapting. This is reality.

But what happens when reality stops?

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