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Living with handmade ceramics

All life is fragile, so live consciously and make it more beautiful: start living with handmade ceramics.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, I, we, have been, confronted with the brutal facts. A lot of things are not under my control, especially the important things like chance, freedom, life and death.

What am I in control of? How I organize my life, with whom and what I surround myself. And the place where I do this is called “home.” A stick in the ground, a tent in the rain or a castle, anything can be a house. But what makes it a home and how do we make it more beautiful?Living with hand-made ceramicsJustine Riley answers this question in her latest book “Living with pottery”: handmade ceramics in your home makes everyday life magical.

The house a living gallery

Pottery is quite nice
Pots make everyday living more beautiful

Pottery helps make a house a home
The home – a living gallery

(Justine Riley, 2020)

Living with hand-made ceramicsJustine poetically expresses my feelings about handmade ceramics. Beautiful illustrated by herself, inspired by contemporary ceramic artists. She has made a wonderful book about life with (handmade) ceramics.

Last week I got it in the mailbox and it is already one of my favorite ceramic books.

Inspiring book at the right time

“Living with pottery” is an inspiring book. It’s a tribute to the handmade, consciously living and story behind ceramics. It expresses life’s motto of every potter and of everyone who wants to make life more beautiful step by step.

Justine shows how conscious ceramics transform your house into a home. Now that everyone is advised to stay indoors, a good home is more important than ever.

Living with Pottery - Justine RileyIt is also a book that wants to make people aware of the value of handmade ceramics in everyday life. That’s a message I pass on with love and I call on everyone to do the same.

This book is a wonderful gift for yourself and for children aged 9 to 99 (and older).

A life with handmade ceramics

Modern life without ceramics is unthinkable. From brick to sink and the chip in our mobile to the dental crown in our mouths. We are surrounded by ceramics. There’s almost no getting away from it.

But to surround yourself with handmade ceramics is a conscious choice. All life is fragile, sometimes frightening, that’s what makes it so special. Make your life magical, turn everyday life into an  adventure.

Turn your house into a home.

Modern life with hand-made ceramics

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